Heating Maintenace

Having a scheduled maintenance plan will help reward you in the long run. HVAC statistics show that heating and cooling units both perform better for a longer period of time if they are properly maintained. There are several things you can do to help out in the maintenance of your system. One of the main things is keeping the unit clean. Other things that can help is scheduling regular visits with one of our certified HVAC technicians who will perform routine checkups to make sure the unit is working correctly, and repair it if it isn’t. Our maintenance solutions are designed to enhance system performance and increase the lifespan of the unit.

Expert Consultation:

Our factory trained professionals understand the mechanical specifications of your unit and can make the proper recommendations to ensure its efficiency and performance. Our expert consultants will make recommendations to help you improve the performance of your system, reducing the chances of unit failure, which can save you from having to pay for costly repairs.

Regular Maintenance Schedule:

Contact us today to set up a regular maintenance schedule designed to fit your system. During the visit, our tech will also inform you of things you can watch out for that would necessitate scheduling a service call to service, repair or replace your unit

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AC  Services

Air Conditioning

Air Conditioners are an indispensable part of summer. 

AC Installation

The Sea Heating and Air Conditioning team of technicians is one of the most trusted heating and cooling solution providers in the area, offering international standard solutions in the field of heating and air conditioning.

AC Repair

Sea Heating and Air Conditioning provides excellent AC repair services for systems of every type. 

AC Maintenance

Here at Sea Heating and Air Conditioning, we believe that regular maintenance schedule plays a vital role in maintain the efficiency and lifetime of your cooling system. 

AC Replacement

Every machine is designed with the ability to perform for a certain period of time. 

Heating  Services


We understand that you need a reliable heating system, which can significantly help increase your comfort level during the winter season. 

Heating Maintenance

Having a scheduled maintenance plan will help reward you in the long run.

Heating Repair

Often people notice heating problems as winter approaches. 

Heating Installation

When planning an installation of a new heating system in your home, call our experts for a trouble-free installation. 

Plumbing  Services


Sea HVAC are your go to plumbers in the Sacramento area.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

The quality of air you breathe plays a massive role in your overall physical and mental health.



Reliable and efficient air conditioning and heating requires the foundation of quality products. Sea Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. is proud to offer highly efficient solutions for our area customers.



Installation and unexpected breakdowns can be difficult, learn more about our financing options.

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